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Heller Industries Mark 5 Wins 2012 VISION Award

Heller Industries đã được trao giải thưởng 2012 SMT VISION trong hạng mục: Reflow Soldering cho sản phẩm 1936 Mark 5 của mình. Giải thưởng được trao vào ngày 25 tháng 4 năm 2012 tại Nepcon China Exhibition.
The 1936 Mark 5 reflow system delivers the highest level of repeatability with the lowest delta Ts. The latest breakthroughs associated with the Mark 5 reflow system now provide owners with an even lower cost-of-ownership. Heller’s new heating and cooling advances deliver up to 40% reduction in nitrogen and electrical consumption. This makes the Mark 5 system not only the premier reflow soldering system but the best overall value in the industry.
Mark 5 New Cool Pipe Flux System Virtually Eliminates Maintenance.
The new Cool Pipe flux collection system traps the flux in collection jars that can easily be removed and replaced while the oven is running – thus saving time consuming P.M. Additionally, Heller’s proprietary Flux-Free Grill System limits flux residue on the cooling grills – the result is not only reduced maintenance time, but recaptured production time – giving the Heller system the highest production yields of any oven.

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