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Semiconductor Advanced Packaging

Heller Industries offers multiple solutions for semiconductor advanced packaging applications such as bumping, die attach, underfill curing, lid attach and ball attach.  We offer multiple cleanroom class options and a range of automation options for wafers, wafers on frame, glass panels, and other substrates.  Bring us your soldering or curing challenge, and our experienced engineers are ready to provide your customized solution.

Ball Attach

A typical ball attach process for requires a stable reflow process compatible with a clean room environment.  Heller’s horizontal reflow ovens satisfy both of these.  With a large global installed base covering North America, Korea, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, Heller reflow ovens have a proven track record for ball attach applications.

Bumping and Die Attach

Bumping and die attach (also known as flip chip die attach) are essential steps to wafer-level or board-level semiconductor advanced packaging which require separate reflow processes.  For devices with larger bump pitches, standard reflow ovens can be used effectively for both bumping and die attach. This becomes more challenging at finer bump pitches due to difficulties with cleaning residual flux.  In these cases a formic acid reflow process is appropriate, which does not require applied flux.  Click here for more information.

Heller offers ovens which combine formic reflow acid with a vacuum process, or vacuum formic acid reflow (VFAR).  VFAR has been shown to be beneficial with fine pitch bumping applications by providing improved bump co-planarity, decreased solder wicking, and reduced solder voiding.  More formic reflow information.

Underfill Curing

Heller offers several types of curing ovens suitable for both device-level and board-level underfill curing.  Heller curing ovens have cleanroom and full automation options and are suitable for high volume manufacturing.

Heller vertical curing ovens (VCOs) have a vertical architecture and require only a small amount of floor space, ideal for cleanroom environments where floor space is at a premium.

As device reliability requirements increase, low void underfill curing is becoming more essential.  Heller’s pressure curing ovens (PCOs) solve this issue by using pressure throughout the cure cycle to shrink and eliminate underfill voids.

TIM/Lid Attach

Semiconductor lid attach with thermal interface materials require a void free connection to ensure optimal heat dissipation ability.  Heller offers 3 solutions of this application: pressure curing ovens (PCO), pressure reflow ovens (PRO), and formic reflow ovens.  All three solutions have proven void removal capabilities, so let us about your specific application for recommendations on which is best for your use case.  You can read more about TIM attach solutions in this recent paper published by Heller at ECTC 2022.

Glass Substrates

Heller has experience with handling glass substrates, including glass wafers and panels (up to 600mm).  Large panel handling can be incorporated into both horizontal and vertical format ovens.

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