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Founded in 1960, Heller Industries, pioneered convection reflow ovens for pcb reflow soldering in the 1980s. Over the years, we have worked in partnership with our customers to continually refine systems to satisfy advanced application requirements. By embracing challenge and change, our convection reflow ovens continue to be the leader in Reflow Soldering technology. With the invention of the first waterless / filterless flux separation system for convection reflow ovens, we won the prestigious Vision Award for Innovation in Reflow Soldering but more importantly extended reflow oven maintenance intervals from weeks to months. With the low nitrogen and low KVA designs, we continue to lead the way with the lowest cost of ownership convection reflow oven models in the industry. Combining this unmatched engineering expertise with a business model that focuses on Regional Manufacturing and Centers for Excellence, Heller provides a “local” presence that goes beyond simple manufacturing. Localized Engineering, Service, Spares, Process Support and Training facilities separate us from the competition and make our machines the obvious choice for Convection Reflow Ovens and Reflow Soldering Machine Solutions worldwide. See the newest technology, the MK7 Reflow Oven.

Heller’s latest convection reflow technology.

Heller’s latest convection reflow technology.

Mk7 reflow ovens offer lower delta T’s with higher energy efficiency and revolutionary flux management.

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