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Máy hàn áp suất

Just as we pioneered SMT solder reflow advances… including full convection and efficient nitrogen usage… we are now the first to offer a family of customized pressure curing and reflow ovens for a variety of pressure curing needs. Heller offers a variety of pressure curing ovens with different chamber sizes suitable for both R&D and high volume manufacturing applications. Multiple cleanroom and automation options are available.

Convection Heating Pressure Curing Ovens

While maintaining constant pressure inside the chamber, air (or Nitrogen) is heated in convection heater module. Heated air moved by high-reliability fan motor and continuously circulates across the pressure chamber providing consistent heating on product.

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Vacuum Module Option

An optional vacuum pump can be added for enhanced void removal. A vacuum is used at the beginning of the curing cycle to remove larger voids while the smaller voids are removed with pressure afterwards. Utilizing both vacuum and pressure can be used to achieve shorter overall cycle times.

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