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Solder Reflow Ovens for SMT

Heller Industries offers several models of horizontal solder reflow ovens to fit the need of any soldering process requirement. Our latest generation of reflow ovens, the MK7 reflow oven , provides unparalleled performance with exceptional efficiency.

A Green Manufacturing Solution

The MK7 was designed with green manufacturing in mind. All MK7 smt solder reflow ovens have a low height top shell and double insulation, which reduces energy and Nitrogen usage during production by up to 15%. Smart energy management software reduces energy costs further by intelligently placing the oven in a standby mode when volumes are low. The uniform gas management system eliminates “net flow” reducing overall Nitrogen consumption.

Lowest Delta T’s

All MK7 modules offer larger impeller motors giving higher dynamic pressure and lower delta T’s on board. The module’s low height profile and optimized air path contributes to more uniform heating. Regardless of board size or oven loading condition, the MK7 solder reflow ovens provide best in class performance for delta T.

World Class Cooling and Fast Recipe Changeover Times

The cool modules with dual blowers and flat coil cooling offer cool with rates of up to 3°C/sec, with external chiller options available for enhanced cooling. Preventative maintenance related to the cooling system can be performed on the while the oven is on a running, reducing oven downtimes. Mini cool coils can be placed in the heat zones for enhanced zone-zone thermal separation, or to achieve fast cool downs for rapid recipe changeovers (most recipe changeovers can be done in less than 15 minutes).

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