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1936MK5-VR Vacuum Reflow Oven

Voidless Vacuum Reflow Oven

The 1936MK5-VR delivers high levels of repeatability with the lowest delta T’s. 8 convection zones (12”
in length), and 3 separate infrared heated zones provide consistent performance for high volume
requirements with low maintenance requirements and cost of ownership.

Oven Length 589cm
Process Gas Options Air, Nitrogen, Formic Acid, forming gas
Mô tả Convection: 8 Top / 8 Bottom
IR: 3 Top
Cool Zones 3 Top (Bottom Option)
Max Working Temperature (Convection / IR) Standard: 350°C / 400°C,
Option: 400°C / 480°C
Min Vacuum Standard:10 Torr
Option: <10 Torr
Max Board Size 350mm (L) x 350mm (W) x 29mm (H)
Cleanroom Option Down to Class 1000

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