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MK5 1505 Small Footprint Reflow Oven

The MK5 Reflow Oven is the World’s Best SMT Convection Reflow Oven for High-Throughput Applications

1505 MK5 Lò nướng Reflow dấu chân nhỏ photo

With its features increases productivity, this 5 zone reflow oven improves quality and reduces costs:

  • Small footprint – overall length (200 cm) of this reflow oven is similar size to benchtop reflow machines but is IN-LINE for maximum throughput!
  • 5 heated zones -allows for more precise profile definition than lab machines. Profiles can be sculpted for minimal liquid time of reflow.
  • Full convection heating top and bottom – gives the lowest ΔT across your PCB.
  • 20 inch max PCB width – the model 1505 reflow oven can process the largest PCBs of any system in its class.
  • The 1505 reflow oven can produce profiles similar to larger mass.

Benefits of this Reflow Oven System

Reflow Oven Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 200 x 137 x 160 cm
  • Number of heating zones: 5 Top, 5 Bottom
  • Number of cooling zones: 1
  • Heated length: 132 cm
  • Min/Max Board width:50-610 mm
  • Maximum conveyor speed: 188 cm/min
  • Temperature range: 60-350 °C
  • Accuracy of Temperature Controller: ±0,1 °C
  • Typical power consumptions: 7 – 14 kW

Enhanced Low Height Heater Modules

Enhanced flow heater modules with 40% larger impellar, blanket the PCB with heat for the lowest delta Ts on the toughest boards! Additionally, the Uniform Gas Management system eliminates net flow which results in nitrogen consumption reductions of up to 40%!

Benefits of this small footprint Reflow Oven System

MK5 Series SMT Convection Reflow Oven Models
ModelsOverall Length# of Heating Zones# of Cooling ZonesMax PCB Width
1505 MK7 SMT Reflow Oven1505*200 cm (79″)71 Top (std.) External Cool optional22″

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