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1809 MK7 Reflow Oven System

1809 reflow oven photo

The 1809 MK7 is a reflow oven with 9 heated zones and conveyor speeds of up to 1.88m/min suitable for medium and high volume applications. The 1809 offers reduced nitrogen and electrical consumption with it’s advanced energy management system, advanced flux management options, and the lowest delta T’s.

  • Built-in Thermal Monitoring
  • Nitrogen Capable to < 100 ppm
  • Energy Management System
  • Virtually No Maintenance
  • 10” Wide Heater Modules
Oven Length465cm (183”)
Process Gas OptionsAir, Nitrogen
Heated ZonesConvection: 9 Top / 9 Bottom
Heated Length260cm
Cool Zones2 Top (Bottom Option)
Max Working TemperatureStandard: 350°C (Option: 400°C)
Maximum PCB Width55.9cm (22”)
Cleanroom OptionDown to Class 1000

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